Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

When someone asks How Do I Hide My IP, there are many possible answers. However, VPN's are without a doubt the best way that one can hide their IP address. Unlike regular web-based proxy servers and socks proxy servers which can leak your IP through plugins such as Active X and Java, VPN's allow users to hide their IP regardless of which plugins they have enabled. In addition, VPN's allow users to hide their IP if they are using programs other than browsers, such as instant messengers, or torrent and file sharing programs (such as Utorrent). Overall, VPN's are the best choice when trying to hide your IP, due to their flexibility and overall coverage of internet activities. What is a VPN?

A VPN is short for a "Virtual Private Network." Basically, it is a server that you connect though in the same manner that you would connect to your internet provider. Rather than routing one portion of your internet through the server (as in the case with web based and socks proxies), your entire internet connection goes through the VPN. That means that you can hide your IP address regardless of which program you are using.

There are many various types of VPN software that is available to help facilitate this connection. Are VPN's Encrypted?

In many cases, yes, VPN's are encrypted. To confirm, you can check with your VPN provider. Benefit from fantastic savings on business cards printing , just by taking a look at

Are VPN's for Everyone?

VPN's are not for everyone. Unlike web based proxies, which simply require access to a browser, VPN's require the ability to make administrative changes on your system. If you are using a work or school computer, it is unlikely that you will be able to access the administrative sections of windows that are required to set up a virtual private network. Furthermore, VPN's are somewhat more complicated to set up. If you aren't tech savvy, you may find setting up a VPN somewhat difficult.

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